Get Out of Your Way • Part 4 – DeLand

So often in life, the moment God blesses us or gives us a victory is the very moment we are tempted to trust in our own strength and ability.  If we’re not careful, we’ll go forward without turning to Him for direction.  Even if we’ve seen Him show up in power many times before, we can try to lean on ourselves instead of God.  When we do this, we miss out on the beautiful ways He wants to show up.

1. In life, it seems like one of the only constants is that change will come.  How do you typically respond to change?

2. Read Joshua 7:2-9.  In what way was the children of Israel’s approach to Ai similar to their previous experiences in the Promised Land?  What results did they expect when they went out to conquer Ai?

3. How did Joshua respond to the defeat?  Share an experience from your life where you questioned God like Joshua did because things didn’t go as expected.

4. Read Joshua 7:1 & 7:20-21.  Achan had taken these things at the exact moment of the victory God had given them in Jericho.  Why is it so tempting to begin to trust in your own wisdom and ability when you experience a victory?  What situations do you face where you are most tempted to have a moment like Achan’s?

5. Has there ever been a time in your life where God showed up in a powerful way and you began to become self-confident or prideful in it?  Share what that looked like.  What were the results of trusting in yourself?

6. Read Joshua 7:10-13. Why do you think God allows us to walk in our own strength sometimes, even when it means we fall on our face?

7. Read Joshua 8:1-2.  What was different this time from the first battle in Ai?

8. We never outgrow our dependency on God.  Why do you think God cares so much about our daily trust in Him?

9. What area of your life right now are you being tempted to trust in your own wisdom and ability instead of God’s

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