Get Out of Your Way • Part 4 – Orange City

1. What is one thing that God is doing in you or teaching you through this series that you are thankful for?

2. What was one takeaway from the sermon this past weekend?

3. Which way do you tend to struggle with staying in-step with God: falling behind where He leads (sermons from parts 1-3 in this series) OR getting ahead of God and where He wants to lead you (this past weekend’s sermon)? Why do you think that is?

4. READ Joshua 7:20-21. What is the connection between seeing things and then coveting them? How does the act of coveting within our lives impact our relationship with God and our ability to stay in-step with Him?

5. Jumping ahead of God is the fruit of believing you need the PROVISION of God over the PRESENCE of God. Can you give an honest example of a time when you realized that you wanted the PROVISION of God more than you wanted the PRESENCE of God? What made you come to that realization?

6. READ Luke 8:4-15. Which type of SOIL (or life) that Jesus refers to in this parable would you say you are? Please explain your answer or reasoning.

7. Do you think it is possible to be a Christian and be one of the first three soils (lives) Jesus explains in Luke 8:11-14? Why do you believe this? What is the difference between the first three lives that Jesus talks about and the last kind of soil or life?

8. The believer runs back to God after getting ahead of God even when they don’t receive the PROVISION of God. Describe a time where you requested and petitioned God for something that He never gave you. How did God sustain you with His PRESENCE during that time? What did He teach you during that time?

9. Is there anyone here now that is awaiting God’s PROVISION and could use some prayers to be strengthened by His PRESENCE?

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