Get Out of Your Way • Part 3

We all have mountains that we face, obstacles and circumstances that seem monumental and keep us from truly going forward with all God has for us. We often feel inadequate to handle the mountain we face. Can we truly have victory over those areas that seem impossible?

1. What part of the message was the greatest challenge to you?

2. What does complacency look like and have you battled complacency? What keeps you complacent—the possibility of struggle or the possibility of failure?

3. Complacency can be the biggest enemy to  moving into the plan and destiny God has for you. How have you seen the pull of complacency keep you from the good things God wants to lead you towards? How do you move from complacency to conquering?

4. Read Joshua 14:6-12. Hill country is much more difficult to occupy than flat ground, but that is exactly what Caleb asked for—the hardest challenge. What gave Caleb the confident swagger to believe he was still strong and vigorous in his old age? What allows you to remain strong and vigorous during the battles you face?

5. God divinely positions you to conquer every mountain He allows to remain in front of you. How does this truth change the way you see the mountains you are facing?

6. What mountains are you facing, those that you are talking yourself out of that God has already taken care of? What does it look like to walk in victory in those areas of your life?

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