Get Out of Your Way • Part 2

We all have expectations in life: a big house, a worthwhile (and lucrative) career, a good marriage to an attractive spouse so you can have smart, beautiful children who go on to become superstars in the world. But when life does not go as we expected, we begin to struggle. How do you move from your expectation to experiencing what God has for you?

1. What statement or statements from the weekend’s message made the biggest impact on you?

2. Read Joshua 1:9. Why do you think God told the Israelites to be strong and courageous?

3. Read Joshua 3:1-17. This is a remarkable account of God’s provision against the odds. Why do we have such a difficult time trusting God?

4. What expectations did you have coming into this New Year? What expectations do you need to release to God?

5. The statement was made that our expectations of what we want God to do will keep us from experiencing what God wants to do. What keeps so many of us from living and experiencing the breakthrough that God wants in our lives?

6. God will often ask us to walk through circumstances when we really would rather walk around them. Why do we try to find the easy way, even knowing God wants to take us on a more challenging path? How have you seen this in your own life?

7. What is an area where you have struggled because God has not met your expectations? What are some steps you can take to release your own expectations and embrace the life of expectancy God wants to bless you with?

8. Share a time when you took a step of faith and God made a way that exceeded your expectations.

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