Get Out of Your Way • Part 1

How many times have you rushed into making changes in your life, desiring a fresh start or a spiritual turnaround, only to realize nothing changed? It’s not just the New Year’s Resolution Syndrome—it happens to all of us. We struggle, get discouraged and give up. But it does not have to be that way. God’s not through with writing the story of your life. Ultimately, what stands between where you are currently and the destiny God wants to lead you towards -- is you. Discover how God will direct you to the breakthrough He desires, if you would just get out of your way.

  1. Read Numbers 13:1-3, 16-33, the story of Moses sending twelve men to gather a report on Canaan. What stands out to you in this story?

  2. What did “following God” mean to the Israelites? What does “following God” mean to you?

  3. Only two people out of the twelve that Moses sent—Joshua and Caleb —gave a good report based on what God says. As you consider your own faith journey, how do you relate to the spies who became fearful when they saw the giants in the land? Who are your giants?

  4. The report you believe will determine the very direction God leads. Share an experience when you got in your own way instead of going in the better direction God was leading you into. How did that turn out? What would you do differently if you had the chance to do it?

  5. Our spiritual enemy is attempting to discourage us and derail our destiny. However, God wants to lead us and has given us His promises to give us courage. What stories, doubts, or fears does the enemy typically throw at you? What promises can you hold on to so that you live by what God says instead of what you see?

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