Battles • Part 2

I want you to know today that you have a standing invitation to experience God's presence and power in every battle you face. God wants you to live in victory, to walk in your destiny, and become more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. But how? This is what we are talking about through this series--how to fight your battles with all the weapons God has given you. We’re learning how to fight our battles through a story found in 2 Chronicles 20. 

1.      What resonated in your heart as you listened to this week’s massage?

2.      Read 2 Chronicles 20:15. What would your life be like if you always faced your battles from this standpoint?

3.      Pastor James said “When our eyes are continually focused on God, we live from a position of victory.” Come on! What is the beautiful truth of that quote?

4.      The faith of others helps activate the power of God in your life. There is something supernatural that happens when we live and walk with others who speak the truth of God into our lives. Can you share a time when God moved in your life after you were encouraged by someone else?

5.      Think about your life. The person who has deceived you more than anyone else is the person you stare at in the mirror every morning. Pastor James said that “The faith of others helps activate clarity in the battle.” How does that even happen?

6.      Read 2 Chronicles 20:21. Fear will make your decisions seem wise in the moment--fear masquerades as wisdom in the heart of unbelief. The faith of others helps activate courage for the battle. Share a time when others encouraged you to step out in faith.

7.      As a group, how can we encourage others to take a step into a Life Group?


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