How To Ruin Your Life • Part 5 – Orange City

  1. What was one thing that stood out to you from the sermon this past weekend on Matthew 5-7?

  2. READ Matthew 7:21-23. Why is it surprising to us to hear that people who speak prophetic words, cast out demons, and perform miracles for Jesus (they even call Him Lord) could be rejected by Jesus and hear the words, “depart from me, for I never knew you”?
  3. READ Matthew 7:13-14. Is it possible to be sure that you are standing upon “the narrow road that leads to life” or should we live each day in fear that we are possibly heading in the wrong direction with the crowd on “the wide road that leads to destruction”? (Read Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:21-24, John 10:25-30 to help answer.)
  4. READ Luke 7:36-50. Who do you identify with most in this story the Pharisee or the sinful woman? Explain your answer?
  5. Why do you think we are most passionate about Christ when we are most aware of our sin? Can you give an example of a time when your sinfulness actually pushed you closer to Christ?
  6. What is the danger is comparing your perceived goodness with that of others around you? How can that push you further away from Christ instead of closer to Him?
  7. READ Matthew 6:33. What do you think the connection is between seeking the kingdom of God AND seeking the righteousness that can only come from God? (Rephrased) How does seeking the righteousness from God help you to live for God?
  8. READ Matthew 5:3-8. How does vv.3-6 help you live-out verse 7 where Jesus says those who offer mercy are blessed?
  9. What do you do after you sin: Do you run from God or do you run to Him in confession? How can you battle the feeling of guilt and shame that the evil one tries to consume you in daily?

Small Group Questions

  1. What is something you have needed to confess recently but have not because you have feared what others in this group will think? Remember, YOU ARE ALWAYS ONE PRAYER AWAY FROM REVIVAL!
  2. What are some things that we can do as a group to help encourage each other to fight sin and REST upon the finished work of Jesus Christ?
  3. What is one way this group can pray for you this upcoming week?