How To Ruin Your Life • Part 4

Saul compromised his destiny because he compromised his decisions. This is how we ruin our life. In the moment the pull is there to start compromising our decisions, but when we do that we start to compromise the destiny that God has for us. We start to sacrifice who we are to get what we want. It happens very subtly, but the pull to compromise on God’s purpose and destiny for our life is powerful.

1. What was your biggest takeaway from this weekend’smessage?

2. Read 1 Samuel 15:7-23.  What did Saul do in these verses that compromised his destiny? How have you felt this same kind of pressure to compromise what you have been called to by God?

3. What from 1 Samuel 15:24 stands out to you the most?  Can you pinpoint a time in your life where you did exactly what Saul did here, and let pressure from others change what you knew to be right?

4. What are some of the reasons that you give into the pull of compromise?

5. How is determining what you value an important step in preventing yourself from compromising and sacrificing what actually matters most to you?

6. Pastor James said, “You value what validates you.” How have you seen this played out in your life?  Why does knowing this about ourselves make it even more crucial to ensure that our validation come from the right places?

7. Do you know the places where you most receive validation?  What is an area where you receive validation that you can see needs to change?

8. How can you better focus on receiving validation because of who God says you are this week?  Is there an area where you’re going to shift your focus away from others to validate you and instead find that validation in God?