Better Connected 2018

As you follow Jesus, at times, He will lead you through seasons where you will wonder how He can love you and allow you to go through what you are going through. You ask why He didn’t do something to make right the mess in your life. This is a powerful passage to help you find the answer that very question.

1. What was your biggest takeaway from this weekend’s message?


2. Share a time when you felt that nothing good could ever come out of the situation you were going through. How did you handle it?

3. Read John 11:14-16. We’ve all been there, thinking things will never change and there was no hope. What began to turn it around so that hope was renewed within Martha and Mary and the disciples?

4. Read John 11:38-44. Jesus had the power to remove the stone Himself and remove Lazarus’ grave clothes. Why do you think He told those around Him to perform these tasks?

5. Jesus makes us alive but He uses others to remove the dead things in our lives. How have others played a part in removing those dead things in you? How has He used you to do that in someone else’s life?

6. God designed faith to progress through community. What has being part of a small group community meant to you? How have those around you helped you to grow on your spiritual journey?

7. What are some ways you can encourage those in your “circle” who are not a part of a small group to attend GroupLink so they, too, can experience the power of community?

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