Psalms • Part 5

1.      How would you describe your walk with God today? Intimate and close? Not as close as you would want? Distant? Why would you describe it that way?

2.      Describe a time in your life when your walk with God was the closest and best it had ever been. What made it so special?

3.      Share a time when you felt there was a barrier and distance in your walk with God. How did you feel emotionally, spiritually or even physically?

4.      Read Psalms 32:5. Have you ever found it difficult to confess a sin to God? Why do you think it was difficult at the time?

5.      Read verse 7. Do you see God as your hiding place? Describe what that means to you.

6.      Read verse 8. How does that verse give you confidence as you live your days?

7.      David’s purpose was to teach us about God’s forgiveness. What lessons did you take away from Psalm 32?

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