Psalms • Part 4

Every one of us has faced fear at some point in our lives. When we allow fear to consume us, we often find ourselves unable to move forward. David had many occasions when his life seemed anything but peaceful. He reflects this so beautifully in Psalm 18 and offers us great insight on how to have victory through our fears.

1.      Share a time when you had so much fear you didn’t think you were going to make it. What is your biggest fear now?

2.      David faced the threat of death every day for most of his life. What would you consider the biggest threat that is currently looming over you?

3.      Read Psalm 18:1-3 and 16-19. We see that David praised God as his protector, rescuer, and as the One whose ways are greater. At this point in your life, with everything you are going through, which of these three resonate with you the most?

4.      How have you seen your fear lessen when you set your heart on praising God in the midst of your circumstances?

5.      How we view and praise God will affect the people around us. Share how you have experienced this in your own life?

6.      Who in your circle needs to hear the story about God rescuing you? How can you help them experience comfort and hope?

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