Psalms • Part 3

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve highlighted the truth that, in church and before God, it’s OK to not be OK. But there are times when we feel so lost and broken, yet, we put on our Sunday face and hope nobody sees the turmoil inside of us. God wants to bring hope and healing to you. This Psalm shows us what He has given us to help us get victory in our lives.

1.  Why do you think people many times feel like they have to hide their hurt or sorrow in church or in their relationship with Him? How is it comforting to know that the Psalms show that we can approach God with honesty and openness about our hurt and sorrow?

2.  Read Psalm 147:7-9 & 4-5. God is powerful enough to create everything but also to know and care for every part of His creation. What does this teach us about His power and His knowledge? Why is this hard for us to comprehend?

3.  Read Psalm 147:1 & 7. These verses proclaim that it is fitting and right for us to sing praises to God because of who He is and how great His power is.  What does this teach us about why we sing together each week as a church?  Why do you think it is natural for us to want to sing and praise God when we think about His nature and power?

4.  Read Psalm 147:3, 6, & 10-11. Who is it that God delights in? What do these verses teach us about God’s heart for the broken and hurting?

5.  This passage highlights the reality that the all-powerful God loves us and has a heart to bring healing. In what ways does this bring encouragement and hope to our lives?

6.  As you read verses 1-11, what are some steps someone can take when they are overwhelmed with sorrow and hurt?

7.  Is there an area of your life where you are hurting?  How can this group pray for you and encourage you?

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