Called To Be • Part 7

Often, we have thoughts that greatly encourage us. Then there are those thoughts that bring discouragement, condemnation or confusion. How in the world are we to tell when God is speaking to us and when it is the devil? Peter teaches us how we can discern whose voice we are hearing and how to protect us from the enemy’s deceptions.

1.  Read 1 Peter 5:8-11. We’ve all had times when we weren’t sure where our thoughts were coming from. Share one such experience and how did you act upon it?

2.  Peter is warning us about the deceitful tricks of the enemy. What are some ways the devil tried to confuse you or lead you astray?

3.  Ever feel rushed into making a hasty decision? How did that play out in your life? What steps did you have to make to correct that quick decision?

4.  The voice you believe will direct the decision you make. Why is it crucial that you recognize whose voice you are hearing?

5.  The battle of your calling is waged in your mind. What does this mean to you personally? Share an experience when you sensed what your calling may be, but doubt, fear and uncertainty kept you from moving into that calling?

6.  How can you safeguard against believing the wrong voice, to discern which voice is truly from your Heavenly Father?

For further study, read Ephesians 6:10-18.

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