Called To Be • Part 4

1.  What was the most encouraging part of the sermon this week? Why did that part encourage your heart?

2.  What was the most challenging part of the sermon this week? Why did that part challenge your heart?

3.  What is an example of something you pursued to find your significance that actually made you feel more empty?

4.  What is one relationship, outside of your family, where you are struggling with the idea of submission and placing their needs above your own?

5.  Read Philippians 2:5-8. Can people be called to different roles and still be considered equal? Why or why not?

6.  So often, we believe WHO we are (our significance) is formed by WHAT we do. However, God declares that WHAT you do is actually the result of understanding WHO you are in Him. What is something you currently do that you struggle to find your significance from?

7.  Read 1 Peter 3:8. If compassion and humility are the keys for us to live a life of descent, what are some steps you can take this week to stir up a more compassionate and humble mindset?

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