Called To Be • Part 3

Anybody can get along with somebody as long as there's no opposition or differences between them—as long as long as they have the same viewpoint, the same theology, the same lifestyle—then everything's good. But what do you do when there’s opposition because you don't agree? When they believe that everything you think, or live for is completely wrong? How you respond to opposition is essential.

  1. Read 1 Peter 2:4-25. How do you typically respond to conflict? Are you a conflict avoider or do you confront or retaliate in conflict?
  2. What kinds of opposition have you experienced while you were following God’s calling on your life?
  3. What are some examples from scripture of how Jesus dealt with opposition that you could use practically in your own life?
  4. Have you experienced opposition because of your faith? How would the conflict change if you were able to look at the opposition as an opportunity to make a difference?
  5. What would change in your relationships if every time you encountered opposition you asked, “What can I do to show the goodness of God?”
  6. God has sent each of us out to change the world and calls us to respond to opposition in a way that glorifies Him. What do you think it would take for Christianity to be the difference maker in our culture?
  7. Which of the following practical ways to respond to opposition do you struggle with the most?  Is there something in your mindset that needs to change in order to see your opposition as an opportunity?

Loving people you don’t feel like loving.
Walking towards people when you feel like walking away.
Valuing people more than you value making a point.
Encouraging people even when you don’t feel encouraged.
Seeking the good of those you don’t even want to help.

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