Called To Be • Part 1

There are moments in life when there seems to be this inescapable pressure – looking for a way out but unable to find it.  Looking for comfort and relief but finding none. Looking for peace of mind but only experiencing chaos. Peter provides great teaching in this letter concerning how to deal with pressure and trials that we go through. Could it be that what we are going through is not an accident or mistake, but a process to make us who God has called us to be?

Read 1 Peter 1:1-12 in its entirety as a group.

1.  Have you ever had a cut on your arm and applied pressure on it to stop the bleeding? What happened when you let go of the bandage too soon?

2.  Talk about a time when the pressure from what you were going through made you feel unqualified or you just wanted to quit. How did you handle or not handle that pressure? What did you learn from it? What were you focused on when you were in that situation?

3.  Why is it important to always remember that the pressure from problems are temporary and have a purpose?

4.  Your calling is a process to become who God called you to be. Share a time when the pressures of a situation caused you to realize that God had a purpose for what you were going through.

5.  The pressure in the process is what shapes you—when we have access to power that we might not have otherwise. Why do you think that is?

6.  What’s your greatest source of pressure right now? What can you do to reframe how you’ve been thinking about and approaching it?

7.  When pressure reveals everything you can’t do, focus on everything God can do. What area do you most often feel you’re not able to do what God has called you to do?

8.  Encourage each other throughout the week, reminding each other of who you are and what you have in God’s supply.

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