It's About To Get Real • Part 3

1.  We typically view our relationship with stores/businesses as consumer relationships; that is, we frequent them as long as they meet our needs.  Name a restaurant or store that was your favorite at one time but is no longer preferable to you.  What changed your opinion?

2.  How do we sometimes treat personal relationships with a consumer mindset?

3.  Read Ephesians 5:21-33.  This text shows us an example of a covenant relationship; that is, a relationship built on long-term commitment.  What part of this passage strikes you as most profound?

4.  What are some differences between consumer relationships and covenant relationships?

5.  Describe a relational conflict you experienced that was based on personality differences.  How did it end up?  How does a covenant perspective change how conflicts such as this are handled?

6.  Describe a relational conflict you experienced that was rooted in a sin or mistake.  What effect does showing mercy bring about in a situation like that?

7.  In the sermon, we learned that “actions of love often lead to feelings of love.” What makes this principle so hard to live out?

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