It's About To Get Real • Part 2

We have all experienced hurt in our lives, some minor and some very major hurts. What does it take to bring healing to your hurt? What do you need to do in order to begin to address some of the hurt, brokenness, and difficulty that is hurting your relationships? What does it take to get real with the hurt?

1.      Sometimes we choose to sit and feed our hurt and feel so comfortable in our dysfunction that we don’t do anything to address it. How have you seen this played out in the lives of those around you?

2.      What is the biggest issue in your own relationships that you are not addressing?

3.      Read John 5:2-9. What steps did this paralytic have to take in order to get well?

4.      Why is it so difficult to own our part of a conflict or past hurt?

5.      Read Romans 12:18. You can’t desire change, do nothing and expect to see real change. You have to actively pursue change. If you want God to do a new thing, you can’t keep doing the same old thing. What can you practically do to pursue healing where there has been relational hurt?

6.      To get real with your hurt, you have to address it, own it, pursue it. Share a time when you actually took these steps and how it began healing the hurt you had been living with.

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