It's About To Get Real • Part 1

The Golden Rule is great—if you live life in a perfect world. But we live in a world where people irritate us and mistreat us. What do you do when you have had enough, you feel wronged? Is there a way to deal with the difficult people and issues in our life that actually brings peace and healing? Is there a better way to handle the situation?

1. Most everyone in their childhood had a time when they were hurt or angry or saddened by what other kids around them did to them. Share a time when this happened to you.

2. Fast forward to your adult years. What is something someone did to you that you still carry with you and the hurt just doesn’t seem to go away?

3. Read 1 Samuel 25:2-39. In verse 13, we read how David, a man after God’s own heart, was ready to take revenge for being shunned by Nabal. Many would be killed if David carried out his plan. But Abigail stepped in and interceded and in doing so, saved hundreds if not thousands of lives. What would have been your reaction to Nabal’s rejection if you were David? If you were Abigail?

4. Have you felt the need for revenge when treated wrongly? What was your reaction to the hurt you experienced?

5. Pastor James said, “Your desire to get even is never even.” What does this statement mean to you?

6. If you are allowing the hurt of the past to dictate your life, you are only hurting your future. You don’t have to take matters into your own hands because you matter to God. Does this statement change the way you have or will deal with those who offend you?

7. It’s all about trust. Can we truly trust that God will take care of us? What situation are you facing right now when you need to trust God for the outcome?

8. If we don’t focus on what was done to us, we can focus on what God wants to do through you. Has there been a time in your life when you let go of the hurt, anger or disappointment and concentrated on the path on which God has placed you? What did that look like?

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