40 Days {2018} • Part 6

Life Group Leaders: Be sure to take time at the end to pray for our Easter services and for the people who have been invited by your members through #WorkYourCircle.

When Jesus invites us to follow Him, He knows that if you are going to follow Him, you have to change your focus to where He is leading you. He invites you not to just look at what is happening in the moment, but also where He wants to bring you. Not just now, but for eternity. It’s all about changing your focus.

  1. Share a time in your life when you focused so much on your circumstances--what was immediately in front of you--that you weren’t able to see the big picture of what God was doing in your life or where He was leading you?
  2. Read Mark 8:34-38. As we’ve studied these verses over the past six weeks, has there been a special way these verses have spoken to you? Share with the group.
  3. Read Philippians 3:11-14. What you focus on will determine the extent of your faith. How does Paul encourage us to keep our focus on our ultimate goal in these verses? 
  4. The pull of the moment will never exceed the promise of your future in Christ. What does this mean to you and how has this played out in your life?
  5. How does Romans 8:31-32 give you courage to radically follow Christ daily despite your circumstances?
  6. How can changing our time-frame to focus on the future give us the courage to radically follow Christ, to endure, no matter what? 
  7. How are you doing with #WorkYourCircle during these past few weeks? Is there someone in particular we can pray for that you’ve invited?
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