40 Days {2018} • Part 4

Over the past few weeks we have been talking as a church about what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ. There is way to follow that is freeing, liberating, and opens your life up to all that God wants for you, and there is way of following Christ that keeps you from all that God wants for you. You can accept the invitation to follow Christ in a way that is filled with great joy, but there is also a way to follow Christ that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and defeated. It centers around the difference between achieving or receiving.

1.  Can you think of a time when you did the right thing, but you did it for the wrong reason or in the wrong way?

2.  Read Matthew 26:6-16 and Matthew 27:3-5. What are some of the things from both Mary and Judas’ lives that stood out to you in these verses?

3.  How do you see the attitude of achiever and receiver played out in this passage? Which of these attitudes do you see yourself falling more easily into?

4.  While Judas is often maligned for the choices he made, do you ever see the struggles he had played out in your own life? Can you think of ways that you trade in Jesus for the things you want in the moment?

5.  Have you ever found yourself bargaining with God? What are you believing that pushes you into this mindset?

6.  Read Romans 5:8. The Gospel is about us receiving what Jesus has earned for us. Can you think of any areas of your life where you are still trying to earn from God things that Jesus has already earned for you?

7.  Was there something from your reading in the 40 Days devotional that stood out to you this week? Why did it impact you?

8.How have you been doing with your commitment to reading and memorizing the Scripture?

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