40 Days {2018} • Part 2

Why does God want us to deny ourselves? When Jesus talked about denying yourself it was not as a punishment from a vindictive God who was withholding things from you. On the contrary, the invitation to deny yourself was always given as way to fully live. Jesus gave this invitation because He knew that the greatest blessing awaits those who lay down their desires. What if your purpose in life was connected to a commitment to deny yourself?

1.  What was your biggest takeaway from your reading in the 40 Days devotional this week?

2.  Read Mark 10:17-22. What are some of the things from this passage that stood out to you?  What do you think made this young man seek out Jesus?

3.  The young man in these verses came to Jesus with hope and left in sorrow, why do you think he could not do what Jesus asked in Mark 10:21?

4.  Read Galatians 5:24. How does the memory verse for this week challenge you? Did studying this verse make you more aware of how much the passions and desires of the flesh surround us in life?

5.  What does giving yourself fully to God look like to you? Is there something in your life that you feel keeps you from living this way?

6.  What does denying yourself look like practically for you this week? What is an area of your life (personal life, family, friendships, work) that you can see a need to deny yourself?

7.  How have you been doing with your 40 Days commitments? How can we, as a group, pray for and encourage you this week?

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