Greater • Part 1

We know we were meant for more, yet we end up settling for less. We’re frustrated about where we are, but we’re confused about how to move forward. It takes faith to be part of a movement of God because faith is how God chooses to move His people forward into the GREATER things He has for them. Are you ready to move forward with God?

1. What was your biggest takeaway from this message?

2. Share a time when you sensed God directing you to do something but you were too afraid to move forward. Or was there a time you did move forward and the results just blew you away?

3. Read John 14:12–14. Why do you think Jesus made this incredible statement?

4. Think for a moment of something you are grateful for from your past. How does looking back in gratefulness become the pathway to going forward into the greater things God has for you, to give you courage to take the next step God is calling you to take?

5. You can’t attend the Journey very long without seeing evidence that there is a movement of God happening here. In what areas has God been tugging on your heart to get involved?

6. God has greater things He wants to do through you and through us at the Journey. What scares you about taking steps to join in on the things God has for you?

7. How does gratitude provide clarity so you can shift from “what is” to “what could be”?

8. Will you pray this week to see how God will use you in practical ways to move into the future He has prepared for us at the Journey?

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