Abide • Part 4

We have heard time and time again that we are to love God and love others. We don’t have trouble loving God but how on earth are we to love those unlovable people in our lives? Jesus understands it is not easy, so He instructs us on how to do this.

1.      What was your biggest takeaway from this Abide series in John 15?

2.      What was one highlight for you from the sermon this weekend on abiding in Jesus to leave a legacy that points to Jesus?

3.      If you were to die today, what do you think your legacy would be right now? What would others say about you at your funeral and about you months or years after you passed? Are you comfortable with these things being said of you?

4.      Read John 15:16. How does knowing that God has chosen you for the purpose of producing lasting fruit help you in how you go about living your life today?

5.      Whatever you are abiding in WILL flow out of you. What are some things that are flowing out of you today that are the result of what you have been abiding in? Are you proud of these things?

6.      Read John 15:12-13. What is the greatest obstacle that keeps you from fully laying your life down for others? How does reflecting upon Jesus laying His life down for you influence your actions to do the same towards others?

7.      Loving others means we (1) Love the unlovable, (2) Show radical forgiveness, (3) Prioritize the needs of others instead of your own, and (4) Use your resources for the benefit of others. Which of these 4 actions do you find easiest to live out and which of these challenges you the most?

8.      Now that this series is over, what is one practical step you will take this week to ensure you abide (make your home) in Christ?

Accountability Questions

1.      What you abide in will come out of you. What has been the content of your thinking this past week? Where have your thoughts been and how have your thoughts impacted your actions?

2.      What are you abiding in that is creating and causing those thoughts?

3.      How can we as a group pray for you this week and hold you accountable?

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