Abide • Part 3 – Sanford

1. What pleasures and enjoyments do you remember most from childhood?

2. We are driven by pleasure.  What pleasures in your life do you consider innocent pleasures?  What pleasures in your life do you consider guilty pleasures?

3. Read John 15:7-11.  How many times in that paragraph is the word “love” used?  What does this say about the importance of “love” in regards to abiding in Christ?  What does this focus on love have to do with pleasure?

4. What does Christian rest look like?  How good are you at resting in Christ?  Would you describe your walk with Christ with a word like “striving” or a word like “resting”?

5. Read John 15:10. One part of abiding in Christ is obeying Him.  In what areas of your life do you struggle most to consistently obey God?

6. Are there any areas of obedience to God that you actually love doing?  If so, name them and tell why you love them.

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