Abide • Part 3 – Orange City

By Abiding in Christ, God gets the glory for the transformation and change in our lives.  So often, we push against this by trying to change on our own or by our own strength.  We hesitate to rely on anyone but ourselves.  But the amazing thing is, if we can get to the place where we humbly begin to rely on Jesus and give up our own control, amazing fruit begins to be produced in us!

1. When you were younger, what was one thing you refused to allow others to help you with?  Why did you insist on doing it on your own?

2. Why is it so difficult for us to rely on others for help in our lives?  Why do we still try so hard to change by our own strength and effort?

3. Read John 15:8. In what ways does God get the glory for the fruit in your life when you abide in Jesus?

4. What is an example from your own life where the only explanation for the change that happened is that God changed you?

5. Read John 15:11. In what ways are you encouraged when you realize that God’s desire is for you to be filled with joy?

6. The more you seek to glorify God in your life, the more you will experience joy and true change.  If we kept this truth in mind every day, how would this shape the way we handle the areas of our life where we desire to be changed?  Why?

7. Read John 15:9-10.  Jesus points out to us that one of the ways you abide in Christ is by obeying Him.  How does obedience lead you to abiding in Jesus?

8. What is one area of your life right now that you are trying to change by your own self-effort instead of resting in Jesus and His strength?  What is a step you can take this week to be obedient to Him in that area of your life?  How can this group encourage you in that?

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