Abide • Part 2

When we take a good look at ourselves, we realize we need to change. We try many different tactics to bring about that change, but nothing is ever long-lasting. How can we obtain real change?

1. Growing up, we all saw things in our life that we wished would change. What do you recall were some of those situations?

2. Read John 15:1. What do you think Jesus is trying to teach His disciples—and us—about how to obtain the real and lasting change we so desperately desire?

3. Read John 15:2-10. Jesus repeated the word abide over and over again. What does abiding in Him look like to you? Why do you struggle to continually abide in Him?

4. We are inundated with self-help books and we are always looking for that one book that will tell us everything we need to know about changing things in our life. What are some things you’ve wanted to change but no matter how hard you tried, change just wasn’t happening?

5. Read John 15:14-16.Have you been able to accept the fact that Jesus chose you, that His love remains in you? Why is it sometimes so difficult to truly believe that?

6. In the middle of a particular struggle, have you gotten discouraged because as hard as you tried, there was no change? Can you identify what or who you were relying on to make that change?

7. Read John 15:11-16. Share a time when you did, in fact, abide in God’s love and change occurred. What fruit was evidenced as a result?

8. What are some practical ways you will abide in Christ this week? Be ready to share with your group next week.

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