Abide • Part 1

What does it look like to really change? Is real change even possible? If so, how does it happen? Glad you asked. Jesus is about to show us how our lives can be transformed!

1.  Share how one statement from this weekend’s message impacted you. Was this a new concept for you?

2.  What is your first reaction when you hear that change is going to take a while?

3.  Read John 15:1-2. When have you experienced God’s pruning in your life? Did you embrace it or try and run away from it?

4.  What areas of your life will you start to say no to so that you can be healthy—physically, mentally, spiritually?

5.  Change is a process. Have you sensed God has been putting you through a process and, if so, what has this process looked like?

6.  God does not stop working out His purpose in your life. How have you sensed God is preparing you for the future He has planned for you?

7.  Read John 15:3-5. If you want to enjoy what God produces, you have to embrace the process God uses. What changes are you willing to go through for this process to occur?

8.  Share how your group can pray for you as God persistently prunes you and prepares you to become conformed to the image of Jesus.

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