IDK • Part 5

1.     Who was the best friend you’ve ever had? What made them so likable? Could you count on them to give you good advice?

2.     When faced with a difficult decision, do you tend to seek the advice of others or do you tend to make the decision alone?

3.     Read 1 Kings 12:1-21. Did the king (Rehoboam) do anything right in his decision-making process? If so, what did he do right?

4.     What mistakes did the king make?

5.     What was specifically wrong with the advice the king received from the group of young men in vv. 8-11?

6.     In what kinds of real-life scenarios do we encounter the following kinds of bad advice…ignorance? arrogance? self-centered motives?

7.     When seeking advice, what criteria should we use when deciding whom to ask?

8.     Why is it so easy for us to trust ourselves? Why is it so dangerous to do so?

9.     Read Jeremiah 17:9. It seems out of step with modern culture to believe the human heart is wicked. What does the Bible mean when it claims that the human heart is indeed wicked?

10.  Name a situation in your life in which you need to seek godly advice.

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