the Book of Mark – Part 5

  1. Name a time in your life when you looked forward to something so much that it consumed nearly all your thoughts.
  2. Read Mark 16:1-8. Which part of this narrative strikes you as the most profound? Which part do you find most interesting? What questions does it raise in your mind?
  3. Have you ever placed your hope in something, only to have it fail? If so, describe what happened and how you dealt with it.
  4. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central event in history that restores hope to humanity. The first way hope is restored in the resurrection is through forgiveness. How does forgiveness help restore hope inside us?
  5. The second way the resurrection restores hope is through the promise of heaven and being with Jesus again. How does this promise restore hope inside us?
  6. The third way the resurrection restores hope is through the power of purpose. The power of purpose simply means that there is purpose in our lives, that we do not live meaningless lives. How does the power of purpose restore hope inside us?
  7. Looking at questions 4, 5 and 6 above, which one of the three ways the resurrection restores hope is most helpful to you in your present stage of life?