the Book of Mark – Part 3

  1. Who was your favorite super hero as a kid? What specifically did you like about him or her?
  2. How is Jesus similar to a typical hero or rescuer?
  3. How is Jesus different from a typical hero or rescuer?
  4. Read Mark 8:31-38. Why was it so shocking to the disciples when Jesus taught them that He must suffer and die?
  5. Read Mark 9:33-37. When we see the disciples arguing about who is the greatest disciple, it can cause us to roll our eyes in amazement that they were so self-absorbed. But in truth, we often struggle with the same thing. Describe a recent time in which you struggled with the reality of being self-absorbed.
  6. Read Mark 10:17-22. This young man went away sad because he was unwilling to follow Jesus by giving up something precious to him. This proved that he loved his riches more than Jesus. Do you struggle with loving anything more than Jesus? What is it? What do you think God wants you to do about it?
  7. What, in your opinion, is the most difficult part of following Jesus?
  8. What, in your option, is the best part about following Jesus?
  9. Read Mark 10:13-16. Why do you think Jesus loved children so much? What did He mean when He claimed that His followers must come to Him like a child?