the Book of Mark – Part 2

Large Group

  1. Which of the five characteristics of Jesus would you say you struggle with the most -- to ultimately accept? Explain. (Compassionate Healer, Profoundly Powerful, Victorious Over Darkness, Anti-Religion and Lord)
  2. When you or a loved one is sick, is your first inclination to cry out for healing from the Lord or call your doctor? Explain.
  3. Why should God's power be good news for us and lead us to live fearless lives? How can we train ourselves to renew our mind of God's goodness and power the moment we begin feeling fear and anxiety?
  4. Who in your life do you struggle to pray for regularly that you know you are called to pray for regularly? How does knowing that Jesus is ultimately victorious over the darkness affect your prayer life?
  5. Would you agree that Jesus is "Anti-Religion" and came to establish something different? Why do you think we struggle with basing our relationship and standing with God on our performance?
  6. Read Mark 8:34-38. What has been the most satisfying thing for you, personally, about living in submission to Jesus Christ? What has been the most difficult thing about living in submission to Christ?

Small Group

  1. What would the results of your "spiritual audit" be in the way you spend your time and the way you spend your money? Would the results reflect clearly that you believe Jesus is Lord?
  2. What is one step you can take this week to align yourself with living for the Kingdom of God in the way you spend your time and or your money?