Pick Your Flix • Part 3

One of the most basic questions that people ask is, “What happens when you die?” whether they are religious or not. It may be a pretty intense, scary question. But Jesus actually shared a story of what happens when we die to give us some insight into life after death.

Large Group

  1. While a youngster, did you have a time when you were somehow separated from your parents, perhaps in a store or park? Describe what emotions you felt.
  2. The greatest tragedy is not losing your life, but experiencing life separated from God. Read Luke 16:19-23. What do these verses say about the choices the rich man made during his life?
  3. Read Luke 16:24-25. Your choices have eternal consequences. How does the way you live your life reflect your priorities? Do you like what your priorities say about you?
  4. Death is inevitable, but death is not the end. There is justice that comes after death. Hell is a literal place. Recall a time when the fear of hell gripped your being. Describe any of that fear that still remains in you.
  5. Read Luke 16:29-31. Sin is saying, “I want a life without God!” Hell is God honoring your choice to be separated from Him. But fearing hell will not keep you out of hell. BUT – when you place your faith in Jesus Christ, you will never experience hell because He experienced hell for you. Discuss with your group if you are still unsure of where your eternal home will be.
  6. Read Luke 16:26-28.  The rich man wanted his family spared his fate in hell, are there people in your life, family members or friends that need to hear about Christ? Does this story give you courage to find an opportunity to share with them?
  7. How does our understanding of hell change the way we interact with a lost world? Knowing that death is inevitable and that our choices have eternal consequences, is there someone who you are being called to speak to about Christ’s love and redemption?

Small Group

  1. In John 17:3, Jesus prays, “This is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” Share with your group how you came to understand that your salvation requires more than belief in God or fear of hell but it requires a living relationship with Jesus Christ.