Pick Your Flix • Part 2

Family Drama • Luke 11:5-13

We all have had times when we feel our prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. Why is that? Have we been missing something? How did Jesus teach His disciples and us to pray?

Large Group

  1. What was your favorite family drama movie growing up? Why?
  2. Did your own family seem to have a lot of drama? Share if comfortable.
  3. Read Luke 11:5-10. If you were the man who was in bed, how would you have reacted? If you were the man in need, what would you have done to convince the neighbor to get up and give you what you needed?
  4. Can you think of a time where you prayed over a specific need in your life and not only did the situation not get better but it seemed like it got worse? Has that impacted how you pray or how often you pray?
  5. You are called to persist in prayer, not as a means of convincing God to act, but as a means of trusting God to act. Share a time when you tried to convince God to do things your way but He answered in a different way. In retrospect, how did His way show itself to be the best way?
  6. Are you currently asking God for a miracle in your life? What practical step of faith is God asking you to take as He works the miracle you’re asking Him to create?
  7. Read Luke 11:11-13. You will only go to God with child-like persistence when you view Him as a good Father. How does viewing God as the good Father He is make Him more approachable in prayer? Do you go to God with child-like persistence? Share some of the times when you have experienced the goodness of your Father.
  8. Why do you think God wants us to persist in prayer? How can prayer change how we trust God?

Small Group

  1. Perhaps your earthly father disappointed you many times while you were growing up or even as an adult. Has it been a challenge to you to view your heavenly Father differently, as someone who loves you unconditionally? How can you overcome this perception?
  2. What does child-like persistence look like? Get practical and share how you have done this in the past. Pray for each other to fully embrace this concept.