Church is a Verb • Part 6

God has placed a calling on your life to make a difference for good. You have a unique purpose. You are personally equipped, and you have a specific influence. But how do you discover God’s calling for your life?


Large Group

1.     God wants to use you to accomplish what no one else can accomplish, and that is why He made you and called you. Do you see your purpose here on earth this way? What do you see as your calling? Do you struggle believing that as a child of God, He has a specific calling for you? 

2.     Read John 1:35-38. Your “Why” drives your “What.” How you are wired shows how God has created you and the calling He has placed on your life. What is the “Why” behind what currently drives your life?

3.     Read John 1:38-39. God’s wiring of you holds clues to God’s calling for you. If time, money or education were not an issue, what would you love doing? Why?

4.     What is it that breaks your heart? How does that relate to possibly being a calling God has placed on you?

5.     Is there an area you feel passionate about? Do you recognize your gifting as being tied in with your passion? What would others say are your strengths and weaknesses?

6.     Read Romans 12:6 and 1 Corinthians 12:4-7. God has wired you to fulfill your calling as the church. Perhaps you have no clue what gifts God has given you or what His calling is on your life. How do you discover the gifting and calling He has specifically designed just for you?

Here is a link to help you find out. God’s Wiring:

Be prepared to share next week what you have discovered after taking these assessments.

Small Group

1.     A big aspect of your faith journey is not only learning more about God, but learning more about yourself. What have you discovered about yourself through this series?

2.     Can you think of specific ways you can begin using these gifts to bring honor to God and further His kingdom?