Church is a Verb • Part 4

Going to church without loving like the church is not being the church. Let’s explore how Jesus intended for His church to walk out their faith. 

Large Group 

  1. Read John 13:1-17. Jesus had full authority and power; yet He chose to serve. What would you do right now if you had full authority and power? How can you leverage your influence right now for others? 
  2. When you think of boldness, do you think positively or negatively? Why? Have you exhibited boldness by saying what needed to be said, by hearing what needs to be heard, by giving what needed to be given or doing what needed to be done? What was the result? 
  3. Read John 13:34-35. You make a difference by the way you love. What are some of the challenges to living a life of love the way Jesus wants us to live? Share a time when you did meet the challenge head on and what the results were. 
  4. As a follower of Christ, what are some of the ways you are called to sacrifice your comfort in order to serve and love those around you? 
  5. How can your life group get involved in loving and serving together?  

Small Group 

  1. Before  the message, you may have been worried that being bold meant you had to confront people and witness boldly to them. How does bold love differ from bold witnessing? 
  2. We know from Jesus’ teachings that love is a way of life but it is also a choice. Are there situations in your life right now that you should be asking, “What would love do?” Perhaps you have been aggressively confronted by another. Is there an action step that you know you should take this week to reach out in love?