Church is a Verb • Part 1

1.     What was your biggest takeaway from the service this weekend? Share your thoughts and experiences.

2.     Generally speaking, do people view the church positively or negatively? Share the reasons why you have this opinion.

3.     Read Matthew 16:15-18. The church launched as a movement. What comes to mind when YOU think about the term “church”? How do these verses challenge us to see the “church”?

4.     Pastor James explained how the word Ekklesia (an assembly of people called out around a certain event) was translated into Kirche (a sacred place where you gather for religious purposes) in the Middle Ages. How have you seen the affects of this bad translation today?  What are some of the ways that people think about the “church” that aren’t correct?

5.     Read Acts 2:22-24 & 36-39. Real belief will always require a response. Why is declaring outwardly what you have believed inwardly important?

6.     If applicable, share with the group your baptism experience, whether this past weekend or years ago. Why did you decide to be baptized? What did you experience when you went under the water and when you came up out of the water? How was life different in the days following your baptism?

7.     Read Acts 2:40-41. Every movement begins with a step. Pastor James shared, “If you’ve not taken a step, then you probably don’t really believe.” Do you agree with this statement?  Why or why not?

Small Group

1.     Share with the group, if any, what action step you need to take that tells others that God is changing you on the inside?

2.     How can this group pray for you this week to help you take a step to grow in your relationship with Jesus…no matter where you are on your faith journey?