40 Days • No Longer Slaves • Part 6

We can live a life of victory despite our circumstances.

Consume -- On Friday, April 14 (6:30 pm, on both campuses) we will come together for a powerful night of intense worship and prayer as we focus on the events of Good Friday. Consume is the pinnacle of our 40 Days journey together and the perfect way to prepare for Easter weekend. Make sure you’re there. Doors will open at 6:00.

Large Group

  1. What was your biggest takeaway from the service this weekend?
  2. If comfortable, share a time in your life when you were really discouraged and were living in defeat.
  3. Read Romans 8:36-37. Despite your circumstances, what does it mean to live with the mindset of “more than a conqueror”?
  4. Share something from Karen’s testimony that resonated with you.
  5. What are some practical steps you need to take to begin to live a life of victory? How can this group help you?
  6. Spend some time praying for the upcoming Easter services and the people you have invited.

Small Group

  1. How has the time of sacrifice over 40 Days helped you grow in your relationship with Jesus?
  2. Has there been a devotional reading that God has used to impact your life through this year’s 40 Days? If so which one? 
  3. Overall, how have you grown in your relationship with Jesus through 40 Days? What has God been revealing to you?

Due to the nature of our Easter Services there will be no Life Group questions for the following week.  Please plan a social gathering and go do something fun with your Life Group together.


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