40 Days • No Longer Slaves • Part 4

You relate to God based on who you are in Christ, not on what you do. The greatest command of the Bible is not to obey God but to love God like a Father.

Large Group

  1. What was your biggest takeaway from the 40 Days Devotional? From the weekend sermon?
  2. Read John 1:12 and 17:25-26. Jesus set us free to relate to God, not as Judge or Slave master but as Father. Describe your relationship with your father or male guardian growing up. Was your relationship based on your obedience or your admiration? What struggles do you have with relating to God as a loving Father? If this question is too painful to discuss in Large Group, consider sharing in your Small Group time.
  3. Read Romans 8:15. Slavery is defined by the rules and motivated by fear. Describe your first awareness of God. Was it based on fear or on acceptance? How has your perception of God changed over the years? Did it evolve toward a loving relationship or to a fear of messing up?
  4. Romans 8:15 talks about how believers are adopted by God. Adoption is defined by the relationship and motivated by acceptance. What does it mean to you that God wants to adopt you as a child of His? How does knowing that God relates to you with acceptance affect how you see Him?
  5. Read Romans 8:31, 38-39. You relate to God based on who you are in Christ, not on what you do. If you really begin to accept this, how would you live for God? How would you approach God? How would you talk to God?

Small Group

  1. How have you been doing with your commitment to reading and memorizing the Scripture verses?
  2. Share what you have been sacrificing and how you are doing with it.
  3. If you have been a Christ follower for a while, you may have become involved in serving in a ministry. When you served, did it feel more like you were free or more like you were obligated? Honestly share what your motivation to Serve has been.
  4. What will you do this week when the thoughts bombard you that God is more of a Judge than a loving Father? How will you fight this battle that goes on in your mind?
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