40 Days • No Longer Slaves • Part 1

Jesus gives the invitation, “Follow Me.” So naturally the question that comes into our minds is why? Why follow Jesus? What does He offer? What can He do? Why would we give our lives to follow Him?

Large Group

  1. What are you excited most about in this 40 Days series? What have you seen God do in past 40 Days experiences? What do you hope to get out of your 40 Days group experience?
  2. What was your biggest takeaway from the sermon this week?
  3. Read Romans 7:18-19. How have you seen Paul’s struggle play out in your own life? Share when you have known what to do or not do, but you went ahead and followed the wrong path anyway. What motivated you to go that direction? How did that turn out?
  4. Read Romans 7:20-23. The more you follow sin the more it enslaves you.  In this passage, Paul seems to personify sin as a master.  In your experience, do you agree or disagree with Paul’s assessment? Why? How does this change your perspective of sin?
  5. Pastor James said, “You can’t free you because you can’t fix you.” Share some of your experiences of how you’ve tried to “fix you.” What is your reaction to the feeling that you can’t break free from the sin that you struggle with?
  6. Read Romans 6:1-6 & 7:24-25. Freedom comes through following Jesus. Following Jesus means sin is not your master anymore. Jesus is. Why do we follow our sinful desires, even knowing this?
  7. Read Romans 6:7, 11. You don’t fix yourself into freedom, you continuously follow Jesus into freedom. Why is it difficult for you to give up the control of being the one who can change your life? What are you afraid of?

Small Group

  1. Read together the 5 commitments you are being asked to make on pages ii & iii in the 40 Days devotional.  
  2. What are some practical ways you can hold those in your group accountable to reading the 40 Days book? To the other commitments?
  3. What are you willing to give up during these 40 days in order to be more intentional with your relationship with Jesus? How will this help you be more intentional?
  4. Take some time to pray for each other. Ask our Heavenly Father to reveal over these next 40 days certain sins that continue to enslave you and that the freedom of Jesus would be made real in a very practical way in your life.
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