Centered • Part 5

We all are looking to fit in, because it does matter to us what others think. However, when we begin to let that focus be the primary pull of our life, we allow affirmation from others to become what we think we really want and what we think is important. This pull of affirmation and approval begins to cloud our ability to make good and Godly decisions. It starts to actually compromise our integrity, when we work to make sure we have the approval of others, instead of basing our lives on what matters most and what God desires.

1.  What do you think most hijacks your time each week?  How much do you allow others opinions of you to alter the choices you make during the week?

2.  How have you seen the pull of popularity and belonging played out in your life? Has there been a time that you’ve seen your desire for affirmation and acceptance from others pull your focus away from what you should be doing?

3.  Read Hebrews 11:24-27.  What were some of the choices Moses made in these verses that showed where he was looking to find his acceptance?

4.  Hebrews 11:36-40 talks about some of the trials Christians faced for their faith. What would remaining centered on God and His promises look like during that kind of persecution? How do these verses challenge you?

5.  Read Hebrews 12:1. This verse lays out specific things that Christ followers should do to remain centered on God’s plan, how do these instructions fit into where you are right now in your spiritual walk?

6.  How does knowing your worth is found in Christ change the way you view yourself and others opinions of you? What are some of the ways you find your affirmation in God?

7.  Hebrews 12:2 commands us to “fix our eyes on Jesus.” What does that look like practically for you this week?

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