Centered • Part 4

So much of our dysfunction, when it comes to money and the way we handle it, is that we place the burden of responsibility on our shoulders to be the provider. We are not interested in living under God’s provision. Deep in our fractured heart, we genuinely believe that we can find what we are so desperately seeking on our own—and that is the ultimate lie of sin. There is a war being waged within us, between the Spirit of God fighting to center us upon the truth of God’s Word, and our flesh, which desires the things of this world.

1.  How do discussions of money and giving make you feel? If it makes you uncomfortable, can you think of a reason why?

2.  Read Psalm 23. What stands out to you the most from this passage? What are the promises that these verses make to those who choose to give their lives to God?

3.  Psalm 23:1 describes God as our shepherd. Is this how you view Him? Are you willing to continually live under God’s provision and not rely on yourself to be your provider?

4.  What are some of the examples you can think of from the Bible that show us God providing for His people?

5.  Read Psalm 23:4. How do you respond when you are going through a difficult time? Do you tend to ask God to get you out of dark valleys instead of resting in His promises?

6.  Read Psalm 23:4-6. Has there been a time in your life where your relationship with God deepened as a direct result of relying on Him during a difficult time? Why do you think that is?

7.  What is a practical step you can take this week to live in a way that acknowledges that all you have already belongs to God, and live with gratitude for all He has given you? How would this change the way you view your time and money?

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