Centered • Part 1

Ever feel like your life is out of control? Most of us have at one time or another. At those times, we tend to focus on the immediate and the urgent and lose sight of the things that keep us balanced and ultimately happy. But how do we get to the peaceful and healthy life that we all desire?

1.  It’s a New Year! Perhaps, like many others, you decided this was a great time to begin eating healthier. Then a picture came to your mind of a mammoth cinnamon roll. What will you do? Will you head to Cinnabon to satisfy that longing or grab some veggies from the fridge instead?

2.  What we want in the moment drags us away from what is important. What are some reasons why it is difficult for us to prioritize what we really want ahead of our immediate desires?

3.  Read Genesis 25:29-34. What caused Esau to lose sight of what was important? Can you identify with him at all? In what way?

4.  Read James 1:14 aloud as a group. We often make decisions based on our immediate desire. Share a time when you made an ‘on the spot’ choice to satisfy that desire but later found out it was not the wisest or most beneficial thing to do?

5.  Most of us have dreams or plans that we wish to pursue. What conflict do you find between what you actually value and what you are currently pursuing?

6.  When you discover what is important in life, you are more likely to remain centered in life. Commit as a group to answer the following:

  • What do I really want?
  • Why is that important to me?
  • What keeps dragging me away?
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