Why God • Part 5

Throughout Scripture, we see Jesus as emotional, hurting, suffering and grieving. He is not superman with nerves of steel, He enters our real world, and feels the sting of it all. He has gone through the craziness of life. He has been hurt. The more you really believe this, the more you will run to Him when life hurts, not away from Him. If you believe this, you will turn to Him knowing that God is actively working to bring life and healing to our darkness.

1.       What do you think the average person would claim is the basis of the Christian faith? Why do people believe that Christianity is based on things other than Jesus?

2.       Read John 1:1-4. How do these verses give us hope in our times of uncertainty, fear and disappointment? What specifically do you find encouraging about these verses?

3.       How does John 1:14 illustrate the idea that “God is not a concept to be learned, but a person to be known”? How does understanding this change the way you interact with God?

4.       Read John 14:6-11. What does Jesus give as evidence in these verses to show us why we should have faith? How do these verses give us confidence that our trust in Him is not just blind faith?

5.       What is reassuring to you about the idea that God is with us in the midst of our brokenness, and not just a bystander? Has there been a time in your life where you have seen Him give you comfort and confidence to face your problems?

6.       What are the ways that you have carried out the #WorkYourCircle challenge this week?  

7.       Is there someone you are praying about inviting to one of the Journey’s Christmas Eve services? How can we, as a group, pray as you approach the person who God has laid on your heart?

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