Why God • Part 2


As you got older, perhaps you began to ask some adult questions about a childhood faith. The more you asked, the more you were confused. Maybe you believe in God, but you don’t really know why. Your faith is based on tradition or personal experience. Perhaps you were told and believed that you had to stop thinking about it and just have “blind faith.”

1.  What was your biggest takeaway from this weekend’s message?

2.  Do you consider yourself to be more scientifically  minded or geared more towards the arts? How has this been a challenge to you in your journey of faith?

3.  Have you taken a moment when out walking a trail or sitting by a lake and noticed how everything seems to be orderly and laid out perfectly? How would you explain this to others? To yourself?

4.  Why is the fact that we can rationally understand the universe so remarkable? Do you think this was by chance or design?

5.  How does understanding that the universe is fine-tuned in order for life to exist help you answer the question “Why God?”

6.  If the fine-tuned universe that surrounds us speaks strongly of God’s existence, what does it say to us about His character?

7.  Read Matthew 10:29-31. Jesus points to the heart of the Father in regard to His children. Share a time when His love and protection for you was very real in your life.

8.  How does knowing that God is interested in every detail of our lives and our world affect you personally?

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