Why God • Part 1

It’s essential for us to know what we believe about God, but also why we believe in God. We’ve all struggled with doubts and sometimes wonder if it is all true. The more we study, the more evidence we find that points to God. Not just any God, but the God that Jesus Christ taught about and came to reveal to us. We come to have faith, not just faith because we were told, not faith that is just based on personal experience, not just faith because of some life altering encounter with God, but faith based on reason, logic, philosophy, and science.


1.  What was your biggest takeaway from the message this weekend?

2.  Have you ever been asked “Why do you believe in God”?  How would you answer someone who doesn’t believe or is struggling to believe?

3.  Pastor James said that everyone puts their faith in something. What do you see people putting their faith in, other than God?

4.  What are the ways you see faith in God as a commitment to trust based on evidence and reason, and not just a leap in the dark?

5.  Read Genesis 1:1. How does creation give us overwhelming evidence that something or someone was behind everything we see, touch, taste, hear and smell?

6.  What does active trust mean to you?  How is faith in God something we have a good reason to believe in?

7.  Read Romans 1:19-20.  What are the ways that creation reveals to us not only that there is a God, but also what kind of God He is?

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