Worth It • Part 2

Sometimes we get caught off guard because we think that when we commit to follow Christ, to serve him and to live for him, everything will fall into place. But why does it feel like the moment we begin to live for His purposes everything becomes a struggle?  What do you do when you start stepping up, but then want to give up?

1. Has there been a time in your life when you stepped up to follow where God was leading, but then things didn’t turn out like you thought they should and you wanted to give up?  How did you see God work through those circumstances?

2. Read John 21:3-15.  How did you relate to what Peter was going through in these verses?  Can you share a time that you have given in to the temptation to ask “What about me?”

3. How did Jesus challenge Peter in John 21:15-17?  Did these verses challenge you with the idea that if we love God, then we have to care about what He cares about?

4. What is the difference between the bib and the apron mentality?

5. What are some of the ways we can be constantly reminded that, as a church, God has strategically placed us where we live, work, or go to school because He has a purpose for us?

6. How does understanding who Jesus is and why He is worthy shift our focus away from “What about me?” to asking “What can God do through me?” What is a practical way you can put this question into action this week?


We want to take the next 7 days to walk together through a devotional from God’s Word on generosity. All Christians desire to be a part of a movement of God, but find themselves having to move past some major obstacles in order to step into what God has for them personally. These next 7 days will encourage you that living for God is always Worth It!  You can access the devotional from the Journey App (search for the Journey - Florida) or on our website (thejourney.cc/soap).

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