Dealing With It • Part 5

Now the question is, how do we move forward. How do we begin to bring healing to our lives? It really was their fault. They really did hurt you, betrayed you, broke their promise; they really lied to you. But the thing is this, even though they are to blame, we have a responsibility in terms of what we do with IT. Let’s see how Jesus instructed us in dealing with IT.

Large Group

  1. What was your biggest takeaway from this past weekend’s sermon?
  2. When you are hurt in conflict, do you tend to avoid IT or attack IT?
  3. Think of a time when you had to deal with situations where others have caused you pain or hurt. How did you deal with IT? Why did you take that approach?
  4. How do you define forgiveness? Was there anything from this weekend’s message that altered how you view forgiveness?
  5. Read Matthew 18:21-22. The remedy for dealing with IT is forgiving IT. God wants and expects us to forgive: “Every One” - “Every Thing” - “Every Time” without exception or limit. Do you struggle with God’s expectation for us to forgive every time? If so, why? When have you forgiven in such a manner and what were the results?
  6. Read Matthew 18:23-35. If you make someone pay for IT, you will be the one who pays.  What is your first reaction to this parable and the implications of what unforgiveness does to us? How do you relate to the idea that we put ourselves in a prison of sorts when we cling to the debts we believe are owed to us?
  7. Read Ephesians 4:26-27. What are the actions this verse calls us to in conflict? In particular, what are some of the things that verse 27 is telling us about forgiveness? What comes from not resolving conflict? How have you seen this played out in your life or someone else’s life?
  8. Pastor James gave three steps on how to forgive IT. Determine what they owe. Declare, “You don’t owe me anymore.” Decide to act with compassion. Which one of the these do you struggle with the most? Why?

Small Group

  1. The pain of IT remains until you let it go. Describe a pain that you held on to. How long did you let it hurt you? What brought you to finally release it to God? How did you deal with the other person to forgive them?
  2. If there’s a pain in your life now–the remedy for dealing with IT is forgiving IT. How can the group join you now to release that pain through forgiveness?
  3. What is the next step you need to take? You can’t wait for them to come to you. Verbalize what you need to say, “You don’t owe me ______ anymore.”

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