Dealing With It • Part 3

Everyone has an opinion and those opinions shape our interactions with each other. It’s what divides us and results in split relationships. But what if there is more to IT than proving your point? What if God wants to change you through the conflict?

Large Group

  1. Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why? Concerning toilet paper, do you prefer over or under? Why?
  2. If everyone has an opinion, who or what has shaped most of your opinions as an adult?
  3. Why do we tend to gravitate toward and love more, those who share our points of view?
  4. When conflict happens, is your response “bring it on” or do you run from it? Why?
  5. Read Luke 10:27-29. We tend to limit the people we love. Why do you think he asked the question “and who is my neighbor”? Do you ever find yourself looking for loopholes when it comes to those whom God is calling you to love?
  6. Read Luke 10:30-37.  Is there a “type” of person that is usually hard for you to love?
  7. Don’t get so consumed on making a point that you miss the point of loving people. What are some of the ways you need to “get uncomfortable” in order to show God’s love? How can you embrace the tension so that you can deal with IT?

Small Group

  1. Seek a conversation, not confrontation. That seems simple enough, but you know it’s tough. Discuss what keeps you from having a civil conversation about a divisive issue. 
  2. Be willing to get uncomfortable. Which current person in your life, with whom you normally have conflict, can you do something to show you are for them?

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