It's Not Like That • Part 5

Turn on the TV and it won’t be long before you are barraged with news of our current political climate. But Christianity is about something much bigger than a political party, system or agenda. It is about following Jesus. It is about His kingdom. It may come as a shock to some that Jesus was neither Democrat nor Republican. So what did He have to say about how we view our country’s leadership? 

Large Group 

1. Have you ever gotten into a heated discussion when the subject of politics comes up? How did you reply/respond when someone tried to sway you to their point of view? 

2. As Christians, when we are presented with an opportunity to take sides politically, how can we be more like Jesus and point to a truth that shows others there is something that supersedes the whole thing? What is that something we can share with others and how can we best share it? 

3. In what ways may we as Christians give over our life to the King of everything to show others we belong to a much greater kingdom than the broken world of heightened political turmoil we currently live in today? 

4. Read Luke 6:27-38. What do these verses tell us about how God’s Kingdom functions? How can we use this as a framework when we deal with the world around us? 

5. What are the ways that we can focus our hearts on evaluating the world through the lens of God’s Kingdom? Are there ways to maintain this focus and yet stay engaged in what’s going on in our country? 

6. Christ challenged His disciples to engage their world with the good news of the Kingdom of God. How can you become more engaged with your world this week in a godly way? 

7. ISIS. Political craziness. Protests. Mass bombings, shootings and stabbings. Describe practical ways, when there is SO MUCH craziness in our world, that you put your hope in Christ to refresh your mind, purify your heart, and restore the joy of your salvation. 

Small Group 

The Kingdom of God is yours right now in Christ. What does that mean to you? How can you make His Kingdom a reality – in your life - in your home - at your job - in your leisure time? 

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